2x Infiniti door light (plug&play)

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  • ORIGINAL CAR DOOR LIGHTING: Make your Infiniti stand out with an original car door lighting. With lighting technology that projects the Infiniti logo on the ground under your door, and providing convenient illumination at night or darker spaces, this is a fancy and useful accessory for anyone with a Infiniti car.
  • BRIGHT AND HIGH DEFINITION: Using a high brightness LED chip, you will have no trouble viewing the area near your car door, for easy entrance and inspection. The Infiniti logo is projected in high definition, crystal clear and with vibrant colors.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: Forget about wirings, drillings and assemblies. Unlike other car door lighting products, there’s no need for a connection wire. Simply remove the previous door light with the appropriate tool, and plug in your new Infiniti logo projector with the corresponding connector. It will take less than 5 minutes!
  • LONG LASTING POWER: Consuming very little power thanks to LED technology, our car door lighting will be no burden at all for your car battery. Designed to be durable, it will illuminate your car entry space for a really long time.

Product specification:
Led type: Cree chip
Life span: More than 100,000 hours
Easy instalation: No drilling, no wiring, just replace factory ones.

Fits to: INFINITI  FX 2007-2013
INFINITI  G Series 2007-2013
INFINITI  Q50 2014
INFINITI  Q60/Q70 2013
INFINITI  M Series 2008
INFINITI  EX Series 2008-2013
INFINITI  QX50  2015
INFINITI  QX50/QX70/QX80  2013


Package includes:
2x door projector light